Pallet Lifter

The Pallet Lifter is designed to be simple, easily serviceable, and technically safe for operation. They can be installed at the delivery, warehousing and distribution centres. Our pallet lifter is integrated with conveyors, accessories and intelligent logistic control for vertical transport / flow of products. It is suitable for the transfer of wooden and plastic pallets and allows the lifting and/or lowering of products at consistent output rates in a continuous operation environment.

Our Pallet Lifter:

- Fully Automatic

- High Efficiency and Productivity

- Safe & Easy to use

- Modular & Flexible

- Capacity - loading up to 2,000kg

- Lifting via Chain

- Lifting Speed 60m/min (max.)

- Max Height up to 20,000mm

If you have an application and it has unique requirements that really don’t fit standard applications. Please contact us.