MegaSort Series


MegaSort Sortation System

Fast and accurate delivery, especially in e-commerce order fulfillment and accuracy is essential today in ensuring customer's satisfaction and Profitability. Cheng Hua's MegaSort sortation systems are designed for diverse product handling and high throughput requirements of today's distribution centers.

Our MegaSort sortation systems are compact in design aimed at delivering productivity and throughput gains. They are developed to meet medium and high-end systems and have standardized controls and software that help optimize warehouse operations and provide supply chain visualization.

These system are easily affordable alternative solutions and can be easily fitted into your existing facility to handle capacity of up to 10,000 sorts per hour*, so that you can put your people to better use and making your sorting automation a long-term solution.

Cheng Hua's MegaSort sortation systems are used by leading Distribution Centers and Retailers, Tobacco, Parcel and Courier Express, Warehouses and other companies that require high speed, reliable and package sortation.

* May vary depending on product size

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