Cheng Hua received certificate for Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008 from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

Successfully deliver a complete palletizing system of 15 robots for Dairy product in Indonesia.

We installed 2 new lines which is PCR Curing & Inspection line as well as TBR FT Automation that enables 7,600 Tires to be transfers in a day.

Shoe Sorter 2.jpg


Successfully launch newly developed high speed sorter - MegaSORT Shoe Sorter with capability of 10,000 sorts/hour throughput in CeMAT Asia.

Our Cheng Hua India secured their very first Tire project with top tire brand in India. Not only that we had Engaged LEAN consultant from Germany for the LEAN production.

Completed a beer palletizing system in Vietnam

Successfully secure our first project in Dubai, UAE for lifestyle distribution center.

We installed 2 new lines which is TBR GT Automnation and TBR Curing line in India and Thailand which allow 7,600 Tire to be transfers in a day



Secured DHL Penang Gateway project.

Succeed in securing project for SYH Dragon project - tire storage system.

Our First MegaSort Shoe Sorter successfully deployed into a retail distribution center in Thailand.

Successfully deliver 5 sets of Depot Line Sorter to UK.

We successfully installed 3 new lines which is PCR Before Cure Conveyor, TBR Curing and inspection Lines and PCR Curing and inspection Lines in China which amount to astonishing 37,500 Tire transfers in a day.



Wuhu Tobacco Project we manage to complete the whole project from engineering to commissioning in just 3 months' time.

Inaugurated new MegaSort shoe sorter version 2 with upgraded feature that is capable of sorting both sides.

Secured our first project delivery to France - Kubota - Tractor Assembly Line.

We inaugurate 2 new lines which is PCR Inspection Line Upgrade and PCR GT Automation in China that allows 13,000 Tire transfers in a day



Promoting upgraded MegaSort Shoe Sorter (SX) in CeMAT asia exhibition in Shanghai.

We did 6 new lines which is TBR FT Automation, TBR GT Automation, PCR Inspection line upgrade and PCR GT Automation in China, Thailand as well as in India which allows 29,760 Tire transfers in a day.

new balance.JPG


We had launched MegaSORT Swivel Wheel Sorter (SW4) with the capability of 4,000 sorts/hour throughput.

Successfully promoted MegaSORT solution into Thailand market through TILOG Logistix Exhibition and We had expanded our business reach to Brazil.

We had also secured a major project with Itochu for New Balance Distribution Center.

We completed Daikin air-conditioner assembly line for outdoor unit c/w transfer to warehouse.

We installed 5 new lines which is PCR Inspection Automation, PCR after Cure Automation, PCR before Cure Automation in India and Thailand which total up to 26,000 Tire transfers in a day.





Celebrating our 50th years anniversary with new strategy of "1CHENGHUA and CHENGHUA#1 "(Phoenix of ASEAN).

Followed by our success in managing to secure our very first Europe turnkey project inclusive of full installation team from Malaysia for SCHÜTZ Italia.

We even participate in TILOG Logistix Exhibition, Thailand with MegaSORT Shoe Sorter for the second time continuously in a row.  Finally, we had our first participation in India Warehouse Solution, Delhi with MegaSORT solutions.



We are proud to announce that we extended our business reach by setting up an office PT CHENG HUA in Indonesia.

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) has also approved and upgraded the certification of CH's Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015.

We were awarded with the contract to inaugurate 2 new lines which is PCR Inspection Automation and TBR GT Automation in Thailand and China which enables 18,900 Tire transfer in a day.



In order to cater for the growing expansion in Thailand, our Thailand branch relocated to our own new office unit at Thosapol Land Building 4.



In order to cater for the growing expansion in India, our India branch relocated to new office unit at 3rd floor of Siddu’s Complex in Chennai.