Cheng Hua's core values lies in our unwavering and unchanging determination to bring out the best in our people in order to give the best to customers. For more than 50 years, we have consistently been committed to our core values that have shaped us to be the top system integrator in ASEAN.

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Build Trust & Lifetime Partnership

In Cheng Hua, we believe that building Trust & Lifetime Partnership goes a long way. We emphasize on trust before profit, constantly evolving as well as strengthening relationship between Cheng Hua and partners. This core value reflects our tagline "Partnership in Motion".

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The Will To Achieve refers to our employees having the unyielding will to achieve greatness and going the extra mile in order to complete projects. We welcome challenges, no matter how tough the situation gets, as we push on through to complete our responsibilities and our duties to satisfy our loyal customers.

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Our people strongly believe that second place is not an option. We strive to be the best and obtain the highest degree in what we do best; integrating system solutions to our customer's supply chain.

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Gratitude To Society

For more than 50 years, we have never ceased to express our gratitude to society. From 2003 to 2007, we have contributed to 7 HOPE projects to build schools for children in rural China.

In Malaysia, we have donated to more than a handful of organization for instance, Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, Japan Red Cross Society, Chong Kong Tong Temple, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Skizofrenia Malaysia, Montfort Boys Town, National Kidney Foundation Malaysia and many more. For more information on our gratitude to society, please click here.


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Cheng Hua Smart, Sustainable Innovation means achieving simplicity and through modular design which will allow many solution configurations and design flexibility from a limited number of modules. It also means that the product we design is easy to assemble and install. Cheng Hua product is guaranteed to be hand-driven, hand-made. We integrate seamless, fast and error-free work process where layout configuration tools are used to maximize the use of standard modules available.